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    Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land - Aldo Leopold

Habitat Conservation

Habitat Conservation

About the MWF Habitat Foundation

The MWF Habitat Foundation is a non-government, non-profit, charitable organization established to receive, hold, maintain and manage upland and wetland habitat in perpetuity.

The Foundation was established by the Manitoba Wildlife Federation in July, 1988 and is the oldest privately funded habitat foundation in Manitoba.

The Foundation provides landowners with the opportunity to donate or bequeath land to a non-government agency that is dedicated to the preservation of the land to the perpetual support of the ecosystem.

Rapid decline in available habitat for many species of wildlife has long been a concern of many Manitobans – especially in developed agro areas of the province. It is a problem that is prevalent around the globe.

MWF Habitat Foundation has been actively engaged in the work of preserving wildlife habitat for many years and now holds 90 properties in rural Manitoba. The first property was dedicated in1968 for the benefit of wildlife as well as for the enjoyment of present and future generations of humanity.

Programs of the MWF Habitat Foundation include donations of land, money, co-operator agreements with land owners all for the achievement of the goal to allow the mutual co-existence of humans and all other creatures that share the planet earth with us. All these programs have the objectives of safe guarding wildlife habitat.

MWF Habitat Foundation Inc. is a charity, registered with Revenue Canada and is authorized to issue receipts for all charitable donations.

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