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  • Press Release: The MWF Calls for a Crackdown on Illegal Moose Hunting and a Ban on Spot lighting for all Hunters
    March 25, 2015

    For immediate release
    March 25, 2015

    Manitoba Wildlife Federation Calls for Crackdown on Illegal Moose Hunting and a Ban on Spot-lighting for all Hunters

    WINNIPEG,MB: The Manitoba Natural Resources Officers Association (MNROA) recently released disturbing images of poached moose, taken illegally along highways in and around the Grass River Provincial Park in north-western Manitoba (Facebook site MNROA, pictures are also available below).

    Some of the images posted on the MNROA Facebook site show fully-developed, unborn moose foetuses in the remains of a cow moose that was among the 15 illegal kills.

    This find comes at a time when Manitoba’s moose population is in crisis. Several large areas of the Province that traditionally contained healthy moose herds have now been closed to all hunters because of severely reduced numbers.

    “With moose numbers so low in many regions of Manitoba, female moose survival is especially important. To have any chance of recovery, we need to protect them,” said MWF President Brian Strauman. “Whoever killed the cow moose in the picture on the MNROA site actually killed three moose. Those calves would have been born in just a few more months. Read More…

  • Manitoba Beef Producers join MWF’s campaign to end spotlighting
    March 17, 2015

    The Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) is the voice of the beef industry in Manitoba. MBP represent 8,000 cattle producers across the province and have just joined Manitoba Wildlife Federation’s campaign to end spotlighting across Manitoba by passing a resolution at their recent AGM.

    MWF’s Executive Committee Member Fred Tait is also a cattle producer and member of MBP. It was Fred’s efforts with MBP that led to this new resolution.  Fred’s been reaching out to fellow beef producers in his community on this controversial subject that can, and does, impact beef producers. Fred and many of his fellow beef producers believe that spot lighting activity has intensified around cattle operations in recent years because it is on these farms that the best remaining habitat – and big game such as deer and elk – are often found. Read More…

  • The MWF Discusses Aboriginal Hunting Rights
    March 15, 2015

    In a recent issue of the Outdoor Edge, Managing Director, Rob Olson, explores the sensitive topic of Aboriginal hunting rights. We have received many calls and emails from individuals wishing to access the article.

    Click here for a copy: MWF Discusses Aboriginal Hunting Rights

  • Food Matters Manitoba – a terrific new partner of the MWF!
    March 14, 2015

    Here’s another Manitoba gem you may not have heard of. Thanks to our good friend, Jim Fisher at Delta Waterfowl, we’ve been introduced to the incredible, young and energetic staff of Food Matters Manitoba ( This not-for-profit group is intent on reconnecting Manitobans to healthy food, and they see hunting as a great way for folks to get their own, super healthy, super meat. Our new partnership started with a great day last year at Winnipeg Trap and Skeet where many of the Food Matters staff attended and feasted on a waterfowl meal cooked by renowned waterfowl chef, Jim Leafloor of the Canadian Wildlife Service and Frank Baldwin, Manitoba’s Game Bird Manager. Read More…

    February 27, 2015

    With the decline of hunter numbers over the years, a common complaint among hunters is that the government folks managing game populations are too often not hunters themselves. Well, that’s not the case here in Manitoba with our provincial Big Game Manager, Ken Rebizant. Ken grew up in the Komarno area and is a lifelong and passionate big game hunter.  This passion come honestly as it has been passed down to him from his father, Joe, and two uncles, David and Thor.  Ken puts his heart and soul into doing his best for moose, elk and deer, black bears and wolves.

    Carly Deacon and I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Ken at his office to get an update on where things are at with this year’s winter big game surveys.

    Ken with Mentored Hunt Students - 2014

    Read More…