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  • CSBC & MWF Team Up To Keep Manitoba Anglers Safe on the Water
    July 2, 2015


    CSBC & MWF Team Up To Keep Manitoba Anglers Safe on the Water

    July 2, 2015 — Toronto, ON, — July 4th – 12th marks National Fishing Week in Canada. The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) and the Manitoba Wildlife Federation (MWF) want to remind anglers that wearing your lifejacket is even more important than wearing your ‘lucky fishing hat’. But they do share one trait. They both have to be worn to be effective!

    According to the Canadian Safe Boating Council and the Lifesaving Society, 80 percent of recreational boaters who drown each and every year in Canada were not wearing a lifejacket or Personal Floatation Device (PFD). Most of these drownings occur in small, open power boats, accounting for 60 percent of these preventable deaths. A majority of these victims were males between the ages of 19 and 35, out for a day of fishing.

    Many of those who don’t wear their lifejackets or PFDs believe that, since they are good swimmers, having them onboard and within easy reach is good enough. But a lifejacket stored under a seat or up in the bow will be of no help when the unexpected happens, like falling overboard while trying to net the catch.

    “National surveys clearly show that more than half the recreational boats sold in Canada are used for fishing on a regular basis,” says John Gullick, Chair of the Canadian Safe Boating Council. “During National Fishing Week, the Canadian Safe Boating Council would like to remind all anglers not only to have their lifejacket onboard their boat, but to wear it as if their life depended on it – because it just might!” Read More…

    June 30, 2015

    Happy Canada Day!

    Celebrate the greatest country by experiencing the best fishing in Canada.

    What better way to celebrate living in one of the greatest countries in the world, than to go fishing. We have some of the most diverse and best fishing in Manitoba and NW Ontario. And for the most part, our fisheries have never been healthier in this province and in the Lake of the Woods region. Part of that is because we live in a society here that values our natural resources and we are free to go fishing. And free to protect our fisheries.

    Click here to see the rest of the article and pictures: Happy Canada Day

  • Becoming an Outdoors-Woman is Changing Lives
    June 4, 2015

    One Man’s Look Inside a Woman’s World
    Written by: MWF Managing Director Rob Olson

    I’ve had the great pleasure of being part of some pretty special events in the outdoor world. Organizing the first youth duck hunt event in Canada in 2000 at the Delta Marsh was a great one. Seeing those little guys get their first duck – awesome.

    But last weekend left me speechless. No small feat if you know how much I like to talk.

    I was a token male instructor, invited to teach ladies how to filet fish and field dress a game bird, at the 21st annual Becoming an Outdoors-Woman extravaganza. This is a gig where 75 female participants from all walks of life and of all ages, come together at Circle Square Ranch near Austin, Manitoba for a unique outdoor learning experience. Spread over three huge days the third weekend in May, it was simply the coolest outdoor event I’ve been a part of, and I’ve participated in some cool stuff.

    It’s over-the-top for many reasons. There are over 35 workshops offered by expert instructors, everything from trailering, to outdoor survival to field dressing a big game animal. Soup to nuts, you want to be an outdoors-gal, BOW has got you covered. Read More…

  • Sturgeon Creek – Little Creek, Great Big Fun

    My son’s bobber danced slightly on the surface of the Creek. It was early June and as usual at that time of year, the creek was literally jammed with a dozen species of fish, so the finned critter nuzzling Ben’s nightcrawler could literally be just about anything. That’s one of the things that makes fishing in Sturgeon Creek so fantastic for kids of all ages: you never know what you are going to catch.

    After another bounce, “sploosh”, down went the bobber with some gusto and Ben was hard into a four pound redhorse sucker. The fight was great and we went on to catch many more fish that evening. What fun and so easy to do given it is right in Winnipeg. Read More…

  • MWF Opposes Expansion of Existing Pembina Valley Park
    June 3, 2015

    The MWF recently submitted comments to the Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship, the Hon. Tom Nevakshonoff regarding an expansion of the Pembina Valley Provincial Park. The MWF worked very closely with our great partner, the Manitoba Trappers Association, in the development of our comments.

    Conservation and Water Stewardship is considering re-designating 1300 acres of the Pembina Valley Wildlife Management Area (WMA), to become part of the Pembina Valley Provincial Park. A leader within the Morden Game and Fish Association, commented about his strong family ties to this land and that he has been hunting it his whole life.  Read More…