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  • CSBC & MWF Team Up To Keep Manitoba Anglers Safe on the Water
    August 28, 2014

    July 2, 2014 — Toronto, ON, — July 5th – 13th marks National Fishing Week in Canada. The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) and the Manitoba Wildlife Federation (MWF) want to remind anglers that wearing your lifejacket is even more important than wearing your ‘lucky fishing hat’. But they do share one trait. They both have to be worn to be effective!

    According to the Canadian Safe Boating Council and the Lifesaving Society, 80 percent of recreational boaters who drown each and every year in Canada were not wearing a lifejacket or Personal Floatation Device (PFD). Most of these drownings occur in small, open power boats, accounting for 60 percent of these preventable deaths. A majority of these victims were males between the ages of 19 and 35, out for a day of fishing.

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  • Zebra mussels still posing a threat, fight against them rages on
    August 12, 2014

    Rob Olson comments Ashley Prest article (They eat all the food, never leave) on concern over zebra mussels in Manitoba

    ZEBRA mussels — the pesky, striped mollusks that have invaded Lake Winnipeg — are like uninvited party guests.

    You don’t know they’re there until they wreck something, they eat all the food and they never want to leave.

    “Our members are worried, wondering what it’s going to mean for the fisheries of Lake Winnipeg and the tributaries, areas downstream as well, but we fear the worst,” said Rob Olson, the managing director of the Manitoba Wildlife Federation. Olson said his office is fielding daily calls from concerned members.
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  • Update!
    June 12, 2014

    Local Media Covers the Tragic and Preventable Night Hunting Accident

    Winnipeg Free Press – Hunter gets 13 months for killing pal
    Winnipeg Sun – Jail for night hunter who mistook friend for moose – MWF wants ban on hunting after dark in Manitoba
    CJSB104.5 – Night Hunting Ban Sought

  • Press Release – Federation Calls for Ban on Night Hunting
    June 11, 2014

    For immediate release
    June 11, 2014

    WINNIPEG, MB:  Contrary to a recent Winnipeg Free Press article (May 31, 2013, page A11), night hunting is currently not illegal in Manitoba for Aboriginal people. The Manitoba hunting regulations state, “Status Indians may not discharge a rifle or shotgun at night where it is dangerous to do so.” When and where night hunting can be carried out is currently left up to Aboriginal hunters to decide.
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  • Case of the Missing Goose Eggs
    June 10, 2014

    The MWF on CJOB defending urban goose management.

    This spring, the Winnipeg Urban Goose Working Group, consisting of personnel from the City of Winnipeg, and waterfowl biologists from Manitoba Conservation and the Canadian Wildlife Service, ran a goose egg salvage program, removing and disposing of approximately 1,500 goose eggs. Read More…