Lake Winnipeg Access Initiative

a line of trucks driving onto the ice at the warner road access on lake winnipeg

The MWF would like to extend a hearty thank you to the RM of St. Andrews and the RM of St. Clements for working in cooperation with the Federation to share data and ensure access points were clear for anglers this winter. The MWf is very interested in the volume of traffic that uses access points around the lake.

To get a clear picture of how many anglers are accessing the lake, the MWF set up traffic counters which will gather substantial data and offer a true understanding of how incredibly valuable Lake Winnipeg recreational angling is to our Provincial economy.

On a single Saturday in February 820 vehicles took advantage of the easy access at Warner Road. On a different weekend in February 1544 vehicles used the freshly cleared access point to spend the weekend fishing! We look forward to working in cooperation with these RM’s and others in the future to ensure easy access to Manitoba’s largest fishery!
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