The National Fishing and Hunting Collaborative

The National Fishing and Hunting Collaborative (NFHC) is a group of non-partisan, non-profit fishing and hunting organizations that work collaboratively to provide national leadership on important conservation issues and a voice for more than 375,000 Canadians from coast to coast.  MWF is part of this collaboration and participated in a conference call to have a round table discussion on the Firearms Ban.  The group discussed specific actions each jurisdiction has taken, the overall reaction and new opportunities for NFHC advocacy.  Each province has taken a very similar approach regarding distributing information, petitions, letters to the Prime Minister and the Public Safety Minister etc.  Saskatchewan shared their recent success with adopting a policy for their own newly appointed Chief Firearms Officer. Most of the organizations on the call are faced with the same charitable status restrictions and navigating the fine line between too much and not enough. 

NFHC also discussed the promotion of fishing and hunting and the economic value it brings on a Federal level. Information sharing across the board will allow NFHC to put together a strong case on the importance of fishing and hunting to jobs and the Canadian economy, identifying the link to tourism.  The end goal is to highlight the challenges the tourism industry is currently facing under this pandemic and encourage the government to promote domestic tourism in the form of hunting and fishing.

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