Provincial Hunting Day — Lets Celebrate Manitoba’s Rich Hunting Culture and Traditions

Special announcement from the Minister of Agriculture and Resource Development – Hon. Blaine Pedersen

Provincial Hunting Day was first proclaimed in 2009 by the Manitoba government establishing the fourth Saturday in September each year as Provincial Hunting Day.  This day is “dedicated to showcasing one of Manitoba’s most time-honored pursuits, and to celebrate the role hunting plays in wildlife management and [conservation”, according to the official proclamation. 

To celebrate Provincial Hunting day, MWF staff members Chris Heald (Executive Director) and Carly Deacon (Managing Director) shared some time with Hon. Blaine Pedersen, Minister of Agriculture and Resource Development, and Paul Conchatre from Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters, hunting waterfowl and cooking duck breakfast sandwiches.  In addition to valuable time afield, great discussions were had around changes we would like to see to provincial waterfowl regulations and an unprecedented $20 million investment from the government to create a new Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund (FWEF) at the Winnipeg Foundation.

In this video, Minister Blaine Pedersen explains the importance of providing new hunters with memorable first-time experiences and shares with us how this massive investment towards our FWEF will ensure funds will be available, long term, to support fish and wildlife initiatives and our hunting and fishing time-honored pursuits.
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