Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Save the Date – December 1, 2020

The “Opening day of the giving season – Giving Tuesday,” is a dedicated day when communities can support a charity of their choice. This day is a global movement, taking place each year after Black Friday (December 1, 2020). On this day MWF is asking for your essential support to help us continue to advocate for sustainable wildlife management, safe hunting practices, increased enforcement and the assurance that our hunting, angling and outdoor traditions are protected now and for future generations.

Thank you to all MWF Members and Supporters

Our success to date can be attributed to the incredible support from our membership and sponsors. Your additional support on this day, will enable the Federation to continue to work on the following im- portant advocacy files and programming initiatives that will have lasting positive benefits for Manitoba’s fish and wildlife populations, MWF members, Affiliate Clubs and all Manitoba outdoor enthusiasts.

MWF Needs you More than Ever

Together we have made great strides in the province, but now the Federation needs you more than ever and counts on gifts and donations from supporters like you to continue pursuing files that are instrumental to our outdoor passions and lifestyles.

No Gift is too Small

A donation or gift of any size is gratefully appreciated! On Giving Tuesday only, your donation will make double the impact towards sustaining our advocacy efforts, thanks to our generous matching sponsor – INVIEW INSURANCE.

MWF is constantly growing and looking for new ways to engage on the issues that matter to our members. As you consider your charitable donations in 2020, we ask that you support MWF’s work on this Giving Tuesday!

Carly Deacon—MWF Managing Director

Your Contribution on Giving Tuesday will Go Directly to- wards Helping with MWF’s Advocacy and Program Work!

Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund

Successful creation of a new Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund (FWEF) through the Winnipeg Foundation with an unprecedented $23.2 million investment from the government for long-term support towards fish and wildlife initiatives and our hunting and fishing pursuits.

Lake Winnipeg Fishery and EcoCertification

MWF’s coordination of the Lake Winnipeg Walleye Working Group and time with Minister Blaine Pedersen resulted in net size changes and commercial quota buy-backs, all to ensure the sustainability of our Lake Winnipeg fishery. We now need to advocate for a possible second quota buy back and the eco-certification of all commercial lakes in Manitoba.

Bill 29 – Safe Hunting and Shared Management

On Saturday, October 10th, Manitoba’s new Wildlife Amendment Act (Safe Hunting and Shared Management) took effect with a goal of protecting big game populations and ensuring a safe hunting environment – a priority for the MWF and our members since 2015. MWF will now represent our members on the shared management committee (provide recommen- dations for the conservation and management of wildlife in specific areas).

Increased Enforcement to Curtail Illegal Hunting Activities

Since 2015, our members and clubs have been calling for a stronger commitment from the Province to support Conservation Officers adequately so they can provide effective enforcement on the ground. We are pleased with the governments immediate action on this new legislation. Together we need to continue to advocate for increased enforcement and create a task force for the development of a strategic plan for enforcement priorities.

Wildlife Management Areas

We are pursuing new opportunities to work with a variety of user groups, non-government agencies and staff from the Department of Agriculture and Resource Development, to come up with a cooperative approach to design a management strategy that can be applied to a pilot project and then adopted to other suitable WMA’s going for- ward. We would like to continue working on this file to develop a management program for WMA’s that will encourage diversity, increase wildlife populations, and create better hunting and angling opportunities in those areas.

Hunter Education Safety Training

We launched a new Hunter Education Online only program and additional hunting and angling virtual How-To workshops, amid a pandemic, to offer resources and training for new hunters and anglers in Manitoba. Contributions will help the Federation provide new hunters with additional resources, support, and mentorship programs across the province.
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