2019 Economic and Social Impact of Manitoba’s Hunting and Fishing Industry

Hunting Angling Study

In 2020, Travel Manitoba commissioned Probe Research Inc. to study the economic and social impacts of Manitoba’s recreational hunting and fishing industry, both outfitted and non-outfitted. Probe Research conducted a detailed spending and attitudinal survey of outfitters, anglers, and hunters. Well, the results are in and they show a comprehensive snapshot of the industry in 2019, including success areas and impediments for future growth.

The results were impressive to say the least. Hunting and angling pulled in $1029M of Total Direct Spending in Manitoba (including substantial outlays for capital items such as vehicles and boats).  MWF and our members participated in these survey’s through several engagement sessions and in-depth interviews.  Probe Research also engaged with outfitters, lodge owners and industry leaders to understand the industry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to provide additional context to the hard data.

Hunting and angling are drivers of economic growth in our province. We must continue to protect our valuable resources, ensure regulations are enforced and invest in the long-term sustainability of our fish and wildlife populations with sound science and strong management plans.

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