Letter to our Clubs from Cooperators Insurance

The Co-operators

Recently there has been some questions raised by MWF Affiliates about our member insurance. It appears another organization is trying to sell their insurance products to our Affiliates. The MWF wants to reassure the membership that we routinely review insurance packages on the market and that we feel 100 percent confident that the package we now have is the best for the membership. The relationship we have developed with Tracey Malone and Cooperators Insurance is something we are extremely proud of. Those of you who have delt with Tracey at the Club level or have had to make claims will certainly agree. Tracey has provided an overview of our insurance in this letter addressed to our Affiliates. For any further questions regarding our insurance plan please feel free to reach out to Tracey at the contact information provided in this letter.

(204) 633-5967 / (877) 633-4868
4-999 King Edward Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0R1