Bill C-21 – Review and Recommendations from Provincial Firearm Advisory Group

Firearm Training

Bill C-21 was introduced by the Federal Government in February of 2021 – reinforcing prohibited firearms, making compliance with Rural Municipalities to ban handguns storage and transportation, proposing a red-flag clause that allows individuals to submit a prohibition order to the court to remove (legally owned and registered) guns from someone, based on their opinion that they are at risk of harming themselves or others, and requiring legal firearms owners to participate in a buyback program or comply with a non-permissive storage regime on prohibited firearms.  This Federal proposal impacts handgun enthusiasts directly, but it also impacts the firearms industry, resource tourism operators, sport and competitive shooters, and our Affiliate Clubs with handgun ranges.

The Manitoba government in response to concerns raised by legal firearm owners and the Federal Government’s proposed bill C-21, established a Provincial Firearm Advisory Group. The group was comprised of individuals and organizations that will be directly impacted by the Federal Governments proposed new firearm legislation. The mandate of the advisory group was to review the legislation and detail how it affects Manitobans and make recommendations for the province’s consideration. The group met weekly throughout the month of April via zoom. The wealth of knowledge and passion from each appointed representative produced a well-rounded and educated perspective on the issue, and thus, a result that we felt represented our constituencies interests and opinions regarding bill C-21.

We are pleased to provide you with the detailed review prepared by the committee and the recommendations put forth to the province in this official letter to Hon. Blaine Pedersen, Minister of Agriculture and Resource Development.
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