False Accusations Towards the MWF from the Liberal Party and the Pioneer Commercial Fishers of Manitoba


The Manitoba Liberal leader, Dougald Lamont and the Pioneer Commercial Fishers of Manitoba (PCFM) published an article in the Express Weekly depicting inaccurate information and misleading accusations towards the Federation. Mr. Lamont and the PCFM have an issue with the fact that the MWF advocates the government on behalf of our 15,000 members and for the natural resources we cherish. We make no apologies for communicating aggressively on behalf of the sustainable use of fish and wildlife resources.  We trust the science, support regulation changes (both recreational and commercial that create sustainable resources), we advocate for funding and resources to be put towards our Fisheries Branch so the scientists can do their jobs and create one management plan that will support sustainable fisheries for all.  Our MWF President, Brian Brownlie has replied to all the accusations put forward with a follow-up letter to the Editor that was published in the Express Weekly on June 17, 2021.  We are pleased to provide our members with this response.

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