NightWatch Press Conference

bull moose standing in a mud puddle

The Manitoba Wildlife Federation unveiled it’s campaign to end spotlighting during a press conference held yesterday morning, and through a press release circulated to every major media outlet in Manitoba. The press release can be viewed here: MWF NightWatch Press Release (PDF).

Media Coverage of the NightWatch Press Conference

CBC: Manitoba Wildlife Federation takes aim at nighttime hunting — Spotlighting ‘puts people in danger,’ says MWF board member

Winnipeg Free Press: Province Needs to Crack Down on Night Hunting: Wildlife Federation

NightWatch, the Wayne Lytwyn Story:

Joining us in our campaign to end spotlighting are three organizations that have passed resolutions to support the Manitoba Wildlife Federation in our campaign: The Manitoba Natural Resource Officers’ Association, the Association of Manitoba Municipalities and the Manitoba Beef Producers.

The Manitoba Natural Resource Officers’ Association, “The MNROA is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining a high standard of professionalism among its members, to promote mutual interests and to increase public awareness of issues and concerns affecting Manitoba’s natural resources and its officers.” You can view the MNROA’s resolution here: MNROA Letter (PDF)

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities “was created in January 1999 as a result of a merger between the Union of Manitoba Municipalities (UMM) and the Manitoba Association of Urban Municipalities (MAUM).  Representing all of Manitoba’s incorporated municipalities, including the City of Winnipeg, the AMM is funded solely by its members and by its business arm, the Municipalities Trading Company of Manitoba Ltd. (MTCML).” You can view the AMM’s resolution here: AMM Resolution (PDF)

Manitoba Beef Producers “represents roughly 7,000 beef producers across the province. MBP is a non-profit organization with a producer-elected board that consists of 14 directors, each representing cattle producers in a specific region or district of the province, along with four full-time staff,” and is “the exclusive voice of the beef industry in Manitoba”. You can view the MBP’s resolution here: MB Beef Producers March 2015, MWF Resolution Publication.

Many municipalities have also passed resolutions supporting a ban on Spotlighting and Night Hunting in the Province. Copies of those resolutions can be made available through MWF offices.
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