Hunting FAQ

What course do I need?

To qualify for a hunting licence in Manitoba, any person who obtained their first hunting licence after 1969 must be a graduate of the provincial Manitoba Hunter Education Course or a similar hunter education course from another province or state.

The federal Canadian Firearms Safety Course (PAL) does not meet this requirement.  Contact the Canadian Firearms Center at 1-800-731-4000 for more information.

How old do I need to be?

A person must be 12 years of age to purchase a hunting license, however can take the Hunter Education class under the age of 12 (in-class only).

Sustainable Development has amended the Hunter Education Regulation to provide youth under the age of 12 to receive an Apprentice Hunter Education Certificate (AHEC).

Previously, under Sec 4(3) of the regulation, a youth under 12 years of age could take the course and write the exam.  If they were successful, the youth would receive their Hunter Education Certificate when they reached 12 years of age.  The new regulation amendment provides youth under the age of 12 who successfully pass the course (not on-line) to receive an AHEC.

Section 27 of the General Hunting Regulation has been amended to allow for resident youth age 10 and 11 to hunt game birds and wild turkeys under a shared bag provision;

A resident of Manitoba who is 10 years of age or older and under 18 years of age does not require a licence to hunt game birds or wild turkey, but can hunt under a shared bag provision provided;

The youth carries and can produce proof of age and a valid hunter education certificate or apprentice hunter education certificate or an equivalent certificate from another province, territory or country.

The youth is accompanied by a person who is 18 years of age or older who possesses a valid licence for the species being hunted, and at all times when hunting, be in the immediate physical vicinity of the youth.

The adult must include any game taken by the youth as part of his or her bag limit and possession limit.

Note: if the youth wishes to hunt Migratory Game Birds they must purchase a Canadian Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp.

Hunter Education Manual

The Manitoba Hunter Education Manual (PDF) is available on-line, at no cost.   Reading the manual prior to the class is highly recommended.  The Manual is also available in hard copy for $10, or on CD for $10.00 (shipping charges of $4.50 are extra).

Where and when are classes offered?

The Manitoba Hunter Education Course is a comprehensive 8-hour course, and is available in almost every community across Manitoba.  For information about courses in your area, please check the list of classes below or call (204) 633-5967, toll-free (877) 633-4868  (8:30 am to  4:30 pm weekdays) or e-mail

Another option is to take the ONLINE hunter education course through

PLEASE NOTE: If you have completed the online course, you do not need to register for a classroom course.

Once I qualify or pass the Manitoba Hunter Education Course, do I need any other courses?

No, a person hunting under the direct supervision (within arm’s reach) of an adult with a firearms licence does not need any other courses or a federal firearms licence.

However, anyone wishing to hunt away from the direct supervision of an adult with a firearms licence needs a Federal Firearms Licence (Possession Acquisition Licence or a Minor’s Possession Licence).   For more information, contact the Canadian Firearms Program at phone 1-800-731-4000.

What if I need a Replacement Hunter Ed Card?

Lost your Hunter Education card?  No problem!  Manitoba Wildlife Federation will be pleased to issue you a replacement Hunter Education Card.   To order a replacement Hunter Education Card, call (204) 633-5967 or toll free (877) 633-4868 (Manitoba only).  Please have the following information ready when you call:

  • Lake Name (ladies may need their maiden name)
  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Birth Date
  • Approx. year course was taken and where you were living at the time you took the course

The fee for a replacement Hunter Ed card is:

  • $15 per card for MWF members
  • $30 per card for non-MWF members

Payment can be made on the phone by Visa or MasterCard, or can be paid in person by cash or debit at the MWF office (4-999 King Edward Street, Winnipeg).

What if it’s been too long, and I feel like I need a refresher course?

You’re in luck, recently there been a course designed just for that purpose, as a refresher.  Click the link below to try out your Hunter Education skills.

Online Hunter Ed Course Refresher-Exam

This course can also be used as a tool for students getting prepared to write the final test with an instructor.  For details please see the poster below.
(204) 633-5967 / (877) 633-4868
4-999 King Edward Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0R1