Wildlife Management Areas

full picture of the sign at delta marsh

Wildlife Management Areas (WMA’s) are parcels of land, designated by the Minister under the Wildlife Act, that have been set aside to protect critical wildlife habitat and enhance trapping and hunting opportunities. Compared to other hunting areas in the United States, Manitoban’s are fortunate to still have access to crown lands, WMA’s, parks and private lands (with permission) to hunt. 

Although landscapes are changing at unprecedented rates. Smaller farms are being bought up by larger commercial farms and hunting access has become more competitive and intimidating for individuals that do not own land. WMA’s are open to hunting and trapping (with a few exceptions) and if maintained and managed, are an important resource for the government, MWF and our members. The MWF would like to see our WMA’s better managed, maintained and marketed to the public to increase their ecological function and increase utilization. Access has been proven to be one of the biggest deterrents for new hunters. 

We would like to see easier access into the WMA properties, accessible maps, better signage and marked boundaries, upgraded infrastructure, and government staff to implement management strategies to improve wildlife habitat and abundance. The MWF has brought these concerns and ideas to the Minister of Agriculture and Resource Development and is looking for way to access funding to help with this initiative. In the meantime, MWF plans to do monthly features showcasing various WMA’s and provide people with information to help outdoor enthusiast access these properties.