MWF Makes Presentation to Standing Committee on Night Hunting Bill

whitetail deer facing the camera with colorful fall foliage in the background

On October 31, MWF Managing Director, Dr. Brian Kotak, made a presentation to the Standing Committee on Social and Economic Development regarding Bill 29 – the bill focused on night hunting and shared management. The MWF presentation focused on the safety, damage to property and wildlife sustainability issues surrounding night hunting, as well as the need for more enforcement, more Conservation Officers and the need for stiff sentences to those convicted. Other organizations, municipalities, private land owners (including MWF Executive Committee member, Cam Neurenberg) and First Nations also made presentations.

You can read the transcript in it’s entirety right here: sed7

Also included in this document are written submissions from organizations and people who were not able to make it to the meeting (as per government rules, people were only given 48 hours notice, and the meeting occurred on the evening of halloween). Pam Robins, MWF Executive Committee member, provided a written submission.

At the end of the meeting, the Standing Committee, made up of MLAs from each party, voted on each clause of the Bill. It is important to note that the parties not in power, voted against each clause. However, there were enough votes in favour of each clause to allow the bill to proceed to the 3rd and final reading in the legislature (which occurred on Nov 6). The bill has now passed 3rd reading, and is expected to become law before the Throne Speech on November 20.
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