Shared Management

cow moose feeding on grass with moose calf standing beside

The concept of shared management applies to all species in Manitoba, as well it should apply to our strategy going forward with the Lake Winnipeg Fishery. For now, we are concentrating on our dwindling moose populations and looking for a management plan that would allow us to re-open moose closures on the East and the West sides of the province. 

Shared management requires a collaboration of all invested stakeholders such as Licensed Hunters, Metis, First Nations, Lodges and Outfitters, etc. to work together on developing a management plan that will ensure the sustainability of moose. MWF is pushing the government to hire a 3rd party negotiator that will have the ability to bring all parties to the table and develop an effective management plan. We need to see department staff in place to ensure delivery of this management plan, identify scientific gaps and improve survey data. This management plan will only be effective if we have bodies on the ground to enforce regulations – more enforcement is imperative to shared management. 

MWF currently sits on the East Side Moose Matters Committee, the West Side Moose Advisory Committee and the Western Region Elk Management Committee.

The momentum created around a new shared management approach to moose management has gathered support of our clubs in the province and initiated a new club in Swan River that has exploded with individuals representing a variety of interests around wildlife, conservation, tourism and logging.