New Legislation Establishes Safer Hunting and One Management Plan for Sustainable Wildlife

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The Manitoba Government has taken immediate action and announced new legislation to protect Manitoba’s moose population and create a safer and more ethical hunting environment for everyone.  Despite legitimate efforts to restore moose populations in conservation closure areas, the moose populations have not recovered to historic levels.  This is due to illegal hunting pressures and natural causes including parasites, disease, habitat degradation, predation, and climate change.  “Hard to be a Moose” is a fantastic read to get all our members up to speed on the factors influencing moose populations.

As a result, Agriculture and Resource Development Minister, Blaine Pedersen and Conservation and Climate Minister, Sarah Guillemard have extended the moratorium by a year, pausing a limited interim hunting season in the Duck and Porcupine closure areas that was originally proposed for 2020. 

In response to Manitoba Wildlife Federations plea to curtail illegal night lighting activities and enable Conservation Officers to effectively pursue and convict criminals, the province is prohibiting night lighting effective Saturday, October 10, 2020.  Night lighting will be unlawful in Manitoba for all licensed hunters, and the implementation of a permit system in Southern Manitoba will come into effect for all right-based hunting on some Crown land.  In Northern Manitoba, Indigenous hunters may hunt on Crown land and do not need to apply for a permit, provided they hunt safely and stay clear of occupied sites and roadways.

In addition to this proclamation, Manitoba will now have the authority to execute a shared management plan, starting with establishing a shared management committee to provide recommendations for the conservation and management of wildlife in specific areas.  This committee will be comprised of both licensed and rights-based harvesters, in addition to outfitters and local landowners.

Congratulations and kudos to Manitoba’s Premier Brian Pallister, Minister Blaine Pedersen, and Minister Sarah Guillemard for putting the protection and safety of Manitobans and our threatened moose populations first, and for working towards implementation of one management plan that will carefully balance Indigenous hunting rights, licensed hunters and the engagement from all stakeholders in the province.  This has been a priority for MWF and our members. Today, and together with all stakeholders and the government, we have made enormous strides. MWF is proud of our advocacy work, our government and we look forward to working collaboratively on one shared management strategy going forward. 


Click here to see a map of the MOOSE CLOSURE AREAS.


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