How-to Hunt Public Lands Video Series – 1 Introduction

With Hunting season upon us the MWF has partnered with Hunt/Fish MB to help make your fall deer or elk hunt a success this year. This is the first video in our new series “How-To Hunt Public Lands”, where Hunt/Fish expert Keevin Erickson goes over the techniques of using E-scouting to aid in hunting unfamiliar Wildlife Management Areas. These videos cover everything from how to locate the correct WMAs for the specific game you wish to target, to how to use satellite imagery to pre-scout the environment before even setting foot on the land.

Don’t forget to follow the link in the video description to fill in our short survey on the use of WMAs in the province. There is only 10 questions and the answers you provide will go a long way in helping understand the public familiarity and perception of WMAs in Manitoba.
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