Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Video Series – Video 2 “Clean, Dry, and Drain” 

The Manitoba Wildlife Federation is proud to announce the AIS educational video series. Aquatic Invasive Species are a serious threat to Manitoba’s waterbodies and ecosystems. AIS are easy to spread and almost impossible to remove once established. Our greatest chance in the fight against the threat of AIS is prevention. Everyone who visits a waterbody in Manitoba plays a vital role in safeguarding our province from the further establishment of AIS. Whatever your reason for visiting Manitoba’s waterbodies this summer, whether it be: fishing, relaxing at the beach, water sports, or canoe trips, it is everyone’s responsibility to do their part by following the Clean, Drain and Dry steps. Be sure to watch all 5 videos in the series to fully understand your role in the fight against AIS. 

Video # 2 – Clean, Drain & Dry. This video provides a detailed look at what steps you can take to do your part in stopping the spread of AIS in Manitoba. Clean, Drain and Dry are three simple steps that should be applied by all water users every time you leave a water body this summer.

Our goal with this video series is to reduce some of the confusion of AIS in the province. The main takeaway from these videos is that 1) AIS is a serious threat, 2) It is EVERYONES responsibility to help stop the spread, and 3) By following the simple Clean, Drain and Dry steps EVERY TIME you visit a waterbody in Manitoba, together we can greatly reduce the spread of AIS. Thanks for watching!
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