Established in 1944, Manitoba Wildlife Federation is the province’s oldest and largest conservation organization.

Manitoba Wildlife Federation is a registered charity, dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of fish, wildlife and habitat resources in Manitoba. Through advocacy, education and conservation programs, MWF is working to ensure healthy fish and wildlife populations in Manitoba. Our outdoor heritage and the time-honoured traditions of hunting and angling must be preserved for future generations.

Manitoba Wildlife Federation: Leading Manitoba’s angling, hunting and habitat conservation communities.

MWF Events
  • Join us at one of our upcoming, six regional meetings.

    Regional Meetings!

    Coming to a town near you!
    Join us at one of our upcoming, six regional meetings.

    The Manitoba Wildlife Federation realizes that it’s not always possible to be able to attend the Annual General Meeting in March, so this December with the help of our Clubs, we’re coming to you!  You’re opinion matters to us, and we want our Clubs and all members to have every opportunity to ask questions and provide opinions on the big issues that matter to hunters and anglers in this Province. We will be focusing on our campaign to stop the decline of our big game populations and want to hear your views. Non-members are also welcome.

    We are coming the following areas:
    Pembina Valley Park (also, there will be discussion re: the proposed Pembina Valley Park expansion).

    Please click on the link for details: Regional Meetings 2015

  • Manitoba Moose, November 20, 2015- Camo Night!! Moose vs. the Condors!

    Manitoba Moose MWF Poster November 20th is Camo night at the MTS Centre, where the Manitoba Moose will be sporting special camouflaged jerseys hoping of hunting down the Bakersfield Condors!

    To view the poster, click here: Manitoba Moose and MWF night!

    There are 2 options available:

    1- $30 for one P1 level ticket (regular $35.50), also includes a Manitoba Moose toque (retail $14.99)

    2- $25 for one P2 level ticket (regular $30.50), and a Manitoba Moose toque (retail $14.99)

    Bonus (only available to MWF Members)
    All MWF members who purchase a ticket (above) will be entered in a draw to win two $100 Cabela’s gift cards!

    How to buy tix for this special promo?  Call Travis Krulicki and his number (204) 926-5678  or


    Wild at Heart – Building Momentum for a Stronger Voice for Anglers and HuntersWild at Heart Poster 2015

    WINNIPEG, MB: Hunters, anglers and wildlife enthusiasts are gathering to celebrate Manitoba’s great outdoors at the Manitoba Wildlife Federation’s 4th annual Wild at Heart fundraising banquet – Thursday, November 5, 2015, at the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre. The featured guest speaker is Rob Olson, Managing Director, MWF.

    “Along with good food, fun, entertainment and great prizes, attendees will get a clear picture regarding the health of a number of wildlife species in Manitoba, particularly the current moose population crisis in the province,” said Brian Strauman, President, MWF. “The number of moose in Manitoba is at an all-time low and there are real concerns about deer, elk and caribou populations as well. The MWF’s Big Game Crisis Campaign will be front and center at the Wild at Heart event.”

    The goal of the Wild at Heart banquet is to raise funds for MWF’s wildlife conservation and education programs. “We believe our outdoor heritage and the time-honoured traditions of hunting and angling must be preserved for future generations,” said Strauman.

    Tickets for Wild at Heart – Celebrating Manitoba’s Great Outdoors are $65 (adult) and $25 (youth). Corporate tables are also available. Contact the Manitoba Wildlife Federation: 204 633-5967; toll-free 877 633-4868; or email Read More…

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club events
  • Russel Game and Fish are having their annual Buck Night 2015!

    Russell Game and Fish will be having their annual Buck Night 2015.  The event will take place Dec 2, 2015 at the Leisure Centre.  It begins at 6p.m. and for $5.00 you can get a big hot bowl of chili and a bun- the best deal in town!

    The Russell Game and Fish will be giving away awards, to be eligible to win an award, you must be a Russell Game and Fish member, however non-members may have their bucks scored (as time permits).

    Who:  Russell Game and Fish
    What: Buck Night2015
    When:  December 02, 2015
    Where:  The Russell Leisure Centre
    Why:  Why not?  A big bowl of chili & a bun, entertainment for the family and a chance to talk about this season’s hunting stories!

  • 7th Annual, LdB Wildlife Assoc. 40th Anniversay Awards Banquet

    This event sells out every year and this 40th Anniversary edition will be bigger & better than ever. Prizes are already coming in & we can promise that the prizing will be the largest ever seen! Ticket prices again this year remain the same at $35.00 with a complimentary 1-litre bottle of wine with every reserved table for 8 people. If any member or business wishes to donate some prizing, please contact David Yaskiw, Banquet Chair at (204) 345-1960 or myself. Catering by Bostrom’s. Tickets are available at Ingham Pharmacy. Only 16 tickets in total left!!!!!!!!
    Don’t forget to send in your entries for largest Pike, Walleye & Perch. Information and entry forms are available on line Again big game heads will will be scored in the afternoon, simply bring them in between 12 noon and 2 pm on Nov.28 at the Community Centre. Get your name on the trophy for the biggest buck, moose, elk and bear. Best overall deer head gets a free head mount courtesy of Wes Wall of Mr. Fish in Hazelridge, official taxidermist for our club.

  • Brandon’s Big Buck Night!

    Brandon’s been busy!

    Brandon Wildlife Association’s Big Buck Awards & Family Sports Day is back, November 29, 2015 commencing at noon.  The Brandon Wildlife Association has panned a busy day with a lot of things to look forward to!

    They’re putting out a call to DONATE YOUR DEER HIDES AND ENTER A FREE DRAW!


    Please see the attached poster for more details: Brandon’s Big Buck Night

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habitat conservation
Partners in Conservation thumb

And the winning ticket numbers have been called!

Thank you so much to everyone who purchased a ticket for this year's 30th Annual Conservation Raffle.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Some of this year's top selling clubs are Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association, Westlake Wildlife Association, Brandon Wildlife Association, Morden Game and Fish Association, Seven Oaks Game, Fish Association and St. Hubertus Game and Fish Association.  Thank you!

To see the complete list of winners please select the link Conservation Raffle 2014 Winners List

Hunter educationeducation logo

Are you Ready To Start Hunting?!

Get your Hunter Education Card Now! 
The Manitoba Hunter Education Course is offered regularly at the MWF office, as well as at Cabela’s throughout the months of August, September and October. The course is approximately 8 hours and costs $50.00/student. You must be within three months of your 12th birthday to take the course and 12 years old to obtain your first hunting licence.

For all you rural folks, Manitoba Hunter Education Course Instructors are available in most communities throughout Manitoba. Click here for a list of instructors. As well you can also complete the course online at, then contact a certified examiner in your area to book your entry exam and practical test. Read More…

  • Rob Olson talks on Dauphin Radio about the importance of safe hunting

    Rob Olson joins Kyle Moore on the Dauphin Radio station this morning.  During the interview, Rob stresses the dangers of night hunting and how to make hunting safe for everyone.

  • Carly Cooks some Canada Goose Fajitas on the Global Morning News Show!

    Our very own Carly Deacon, and the Global Morning News show stopped by Cabela’s on November 04.  Carly was excited to share with Manitoban’s the importance of wild meat and how to turn some Canada Goose Breast into a simple, quick and healthy weeknight meal!

    If you missed the cooking segment on Global Morning News, here it is! Read More…

  • Deer Hunting Season Shines Spotlight on Safe Hunting Practices

    November 9, 2015

    Deer Hunting Season Shines Spotlight on Safe Hunting Practices

    WINNIPEG, MB: Deer hunting season makes Manitoba Wildlife Federation (MWF) President, Brian Strauman and MWF Managing Director, Rob Olson, see orange. However, it’s the dangers of unsafe hunting that make the pair see red.

    Strauman and Olson say there are a number of issues hunters need to be aware of.

    The law dictates that a hunter orange garment and hat must be worn by any licenced hunter hunting, dressing or retrieving a big game animal or by any person accompanying or assisting a person hunting big game. “Many of our MWF members are deer hunters and we want them to be extremely mindful of their own safety and the safety of others at all times,” said Strauman. “We stress hunter safety through all MWF programs including wearing proper orange clothing, respecting legal hunting hours, and safe gun handling at all times.”

    Strauman encourages everyone, including traditional and subsistence aboriginal big game hunters who are not required to wear high visibility garments, to be dressed in orange to maximize safety. “We know the majority of people heading out into the field are safety-minded and aware,” said Strauman. “But for some, it would surprise them to learn that hunting at night and spotlighting is legal for subsistence and traditional hunters ‘where it is safe to do so’ according to Provincial regulations. However, we believe it is never safe to hunt at night and we are working towards a complete ban on night hunting, particularly in agro-Manitoba,” he added.

    Hunting and the discharge of any firearm is permitted only 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset for licenced hunters. According to Rob Olson, the danger of spotlighting is it intersects with the beginning and end of the day as big game hunters often walk in and out of their hunting hides and blinds in the dark and can be mistaken for big game.

    “We have cattle producers, outfitters, and farmers in our MWF network telling us that spotlighting is rampant and is a huge safety issue,” said Olson. “The MWF is concerned about safety, especially for those that live, work, hunt, fish, camp or hike in areas where spotlighters may be operating. We recommend all hunters use a flashing headlamp or other lighted device when walking to and from their hunting spot in low light conditions,” he said. “A non-white light is ideal because it does not look like the shining eyes of a deer, moose or elk. We urge all hunters – licensed, First Nation and Metis – to be sure they are as visible as possible at all times. Deer and moose don’t wear strobes.”


    Rob Olson
    Managing Director Manitoba Wildlife Federation (MWF)
    T: 204-633-5967

    Read More…


    Press Release
    For Immediate Release November 23, 2015


    Ottawa, ON – On November 20, 2015 Robert Sopuck, Member of Parliament for Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa, was appointed by The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Leader of the Official Opposition, as the Critic for Wildlife Conservation and Parks Canada.

    “I am honoured to be named as the Official Opposition’s Critic for Wildlife Conservation and Parks Canada,” Sopuck said. “I look forward to serving as a strong voice in Canada’s Official Opposition to ensure the Liberal government is held to account.” Read More…

  • Manitoba Government Increases Poaching Charges

    Written by Dantin Reimer

    Poaching big game animals continues to be on the rise in Manitoba, according to the Managing Director of the Manitoba Wildlife Federation (MWF). Rob Olson stated the Manitoba Government has implemented stiffer fines as a hope to lower the amount of illegally harvested animals.

    “We think the increased fines are a really good move,” said Olson. He says this comes at a time when they feel an unprecedented crisis is happening with many big game populations in our province today. “We have seen the free fall of moose populations in most places where there are roads.  That’s continuing today, in places where we have members, clubs, and hunters. They are telling us that they are seeing the moose get shot at too high of a pace. The feeling among our members and talking to Conservation Officers across the province is that a lot of the harvest that is going on, of the big game animals is illegal, it’s poaching. It’s just too many being shot illegally, too often, over a too large of an area. So, we think the fines are important, and it’s only half of the solution.”

    Those penalties are in addition to the current fines imposed through the court process and include:

    – $1,500 to $3,000 for white-tailed deer;
    – $2,500 to $10,000 for elk and moose;
    – $2,000 to $4,000 for black bear;
    – $42 to $126 for fish such as walleye, northern pike, goldeye and channel catfish (high values for master angler size); and
    – $252 for a lake sturgeon (protected species).

    According to Olson, MWF has got the Manitoba Government to implement the increased fines not only on the ‘trophy sized animals’, which are illegally harvested, but it will also apply to the females of each respected species. Read More…