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Established in 1944, Manitoba Wildlife Federation is the province’s oldest and largest conservation organization.

Manitoba Wildlife Federation is a registered charity, dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of fish, wildlife and habitat resources in Manitoba. Through advocacy, education and conservation programs, MWF is working to ensure healthy fish and wildlife populations in Manitoba. Our outdoor heritage and the time-honoured traditions of hunting and angling must be preserved for future generations.

Manitoba Wildlife Federation: Leading Manitoba’s angling, hunting and habitat conservation communities.

MWF Events
  • Thank You Sponsors!

    Sponsors Thank You
    This past weekend was an amazing experience with new shooters and seasoned pros alike enjoying the MWF 1st Shot! Program and 2nd annual St. Hubertus/MWF Sporting Clays Shoot. None of these events and programs are possible without the help of our sponsors. Please take a minute to check out the names on the attached poster and remember them when you are looking for services and retail. Thank you!

  • Provincial Hunting Day 2016!

    ProvincialHuntingDay_Poster2016_11x17 PROOF v2Take a closer look at this poster with the PDF : Provincial Hunting Day 2016

  • Mentored Hunting Opportunities

    Mentored Hunt Flyer 2016

    Here are some tentative dates for the Mentored Hunt 2016!

    The Mentored Hunts are on a first come first serve basis. For more information on how to register please contact the Hunt Captain.

    Click here: Mentored Hunt Flyer 2016 for a larger view of the flyer.

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club events
  • MWF/St. Hubertus 1st Shot! and Sporting Clay Shoot August 20 & 21, 2016!

    St Hubertus 1st Shot

    St Hubertus Sporting Clays Shoot

    1st shot opportunity on August 20th 2016.  Learn to shoot and try your hand at sporting clays with our instructors and shooting guides!  Everyone is welcome.  There is also a stocked trout pond for those that just want to come out and enjoy the day as well as for kids!!

    MWF partnered with St. Hubertus Game & Fish Association are proud to present the second annual MWF/St. Hubertus Sporting Clay Shoot August 21, 2016!!

  • Reminder – Habitat Trust 6th Annual Sporting Clay Shoot

    Habitat Trust Sporting Clay Shoot

    The MWF Habitat Foundation is holding its 6th annual sporting clay shoot on August 07, 2016 at 10:30AM.

    Cost is as follows:

    Adult $65.00

    Junior $40.00

    2nd round: $35.00

    All are welcome!

  • Congratulations Gerry Arbez!

    The Community Futures Winnipeg River held their annual AGM this past week.  A huge congratulations goes out to Gerry Arbez, president of Lac du Bonnet Club, on winning their “Volunteer of the Year” award!!  Congratulations Gerry!

    CFWR Volunteer of the year To read this article in the PDF format, please click here: CFWR Volunteer of the year

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habitat conservation

The Supreme Court of NS makes landmark decision re: night hunting

“Mr. Francis got out of the truck and about three or four seconds later took a shot at what he thought was a moose,” said the decision issued by Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Patrick Duncan. In fact, it was a decoy mechanical “moose” set up by officers of the Department of Natural Resources, who were hidden behind gravel piles. Please click HERE to read the full article

Hunter education


April 26, 2016


Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship advises that temporary conservation measures have been put in place to protect walleye populations in Lake Dauphin and its tributaries this spring during the walleye spawning period.

The walleye population in Lake Dauphin has been recovering with the continued support of Indigenous peoples, recreational anglers and commercial fishers. Additional efforts are necessary to protect walleye during this critical part of their lifecycle and are part of efforts to ensure a sustainable Dauphin Lake walleye population.

The temporary measures take effect immediately and will be in place until the completion of the walleye spawning period. During this period, no commercial or recreational fishing is allowed but Aboriginal rights holders may continue to harvest all species of fish by angling only and must release any walleye between 45 and 70 centimetres in length.

These steps reflect the department’s commitment to improve walleye stocks and make decisions based on science, with input from First Nations and Métis communities. When Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship determines the spring walleye spawning has been completed, temporary conservation measures will be lifted.

– 30 –

  • Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Ponds are officially open

    Lac du Bonnet picture clipper

    Lac du Bonnet has officially opened their Wildlife Plans and the Lac du Bonnet Clipper was there to catch it!

    Click here to see the full edition of the clipper: Lac du Bonnet Clipper August 2016

  • East Side Moose Matters Meeting – Hope for Moose on the East Side?


    On July 13 and 14, a group of First Nation communities, the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association and the Manitoba Wildlife Federation held its second informal meeting in Scanterbury, Manitoba at the Brokenhead Ojibway First Nation to discuss the future of moose in the region east of Lake Winnipeg. This meeting and this developing consortium came about through the efforts of William Young of Bloodvein First Nation, and Paul Turenne, the Executive Director of the MLOA. William is a leader within the Bloodvein community and runs, among other things, the Bloodvein River Lodge. William and the community of Bloodvein River were concerned for the future of moose populations on the east side of Lake Winnipeg, given the new road that has been extended into that region. William saw some of the communications the MWF did March of 2015, regarding the high number of cow moose being shot illegally in the Grass River region, and reached out to Paul Turenne, whom he knew through his lodge business. Paul came to the Federation asking if we’d go and meet with William at his place in Bloodvein. Rob Olson, Gerry Arbez of the Lac du Bonnett Wildlife Association and Paul Turenne headed up to Bloodvein to meet with William Young August of 2015. The rest they say, is history. Read More…

  • Inaugural Meeting with Minister Cox

    On July 26, MWF President Brian Strauman, Board members Ricky Ryan and Cam Neurenberg and Managing Director Rob Olson met with the new Minister of Sustainable Development, Cathy Cox. Also present was Rick Wowchuk, MLA for  Swan River and Legislative Assistant to the Minister. We had a positive discussion regarding the bold, new mandate given to Minister Cox and Legislative Assistant Rick Wowchuk (click below to read  the mandate letters).

    Inaugural Meeting with Minister CoxSome of the key topics discussed:

    –  the urgent need to curtail unsafe hunting practices such as spot lighting;
    – the need to work towards co-management agreements that incorporate all hunters and anglers, including First Nations, Metis and licensed hunters;
    – the immediate need to take an open-minded, hard look at all aspects of the current approaches used by the Province in surveying big game;
    – the need to ensure that Lake Winnipeg, and the rest of our fisheries, are managed in a sustainable way; and
    – the emerging crisis in the south-west agricultural zone facing moose in that region and the need for an immediate plan to protect this population before it is too late.

    The MWF will be working hard with the new government over the next months and years to make progress on the big issues facing fish, wildlife and the outdoor community. We are encouraged but will keep our pedal to the metal to be sure meaningful results are produced for all of us.

    Here are the two mandate letters: Hon_Catherine_Cox Mandate LetterRichard_Peter_Wowchuk Madate Letter