MWF Advocates for Increased Enforcement Effort to Protect our Fisheries

Illegal Fish Sales

The Federation continues to receive complaints about the illegal sale of fish.  The complaints are not only directed at recreational anglers but also commercial fishers selling illegally without a receipt.

The law is very clear, recreational anglers are never allowed to sell their catch and commercial fisherman must provide a receipt for all sales. The fact is, if we continue to allow this black-market trade to go unchecked, we could jeopardize the sustainability of Manitoba’s fish stocks, the jobs it creates and the enjoyment it brings to so many people. Recreational fishing alone injects over $600 million into the economy every year and commercial fishing on Lake Winnipeg alone provides over $55 million more in economic benefits.

The MWF is advocating that the Province enhance enforcement efforts to protect this valuable resource. We can also all do our part by very simply not buying fish on the black market. Let us all chip in and make sure our fisheries resources are present and sustainable for future generations.
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