Wildlife Management Area — Intro to Langruth

MWF is excited to announce the start of our new Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Pilot Project. Working with the Province, MWF will be leading a WMA habitat enhancement pilot project on sections of the Langruth (west side of Lake Manitoba) and Broomhill (south west region of the province) WMA’s. Using land management strategies to enhance these habitats for wildlife species.

For those unfamiliar with WMAs in the province, they are sections of crown land which have been designated “as wildlife management areas for the better management and conservation and enhancement of the wildlife resource of the province”. These lands provide critical habitat requirements to many species throughout the province while simultaneously creating amazing public access to hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities. Over time however, without adaptive land management, these isolated landscapes begin to change. Areas that were once open grassland habitat for species such as the sharp-tail grouse slowly get overgrown by aspen and other woody encroachment.

This WMA pilot project aims to use adaptive land management strategies such as targeted rotational cattle grazing, brush cutting and controlled burns whenever safe to enhance these ecosystems. Success of this project would see enhanced productivity of wildlife and wildlife habitat and provide an increased opportunity for wildlife harvest.  MWF is excited to keep our members updated as we implement this project.  In the meantime, join MWF’s Manager of Conservation Stewardship, Nolan Sawatzky, at the Langruth WMA for a quick overview and glimpse of the property! 

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