Legislation to Restrict Night Hunting in Manitoba – What You Need to Know

text from sections of the wildlife act

Yesterday the Government of Manitoba introduced Bill 29, proposed legislation which would ban night hunting by Indigenous peoples on private land in the province (regardless of land owner permission), but would also allow night hunting in some crown land areas in southern Manitoba.

This would be done through a permitting process with restrictions. Indigenous peoples in northern Manitoba will continue to be able hunt at night without a permit.  However restrictions will be developed in areas where night hunting is not safe (e.g., around towns, campgrounds, etc.).  The details on the restrictions (including criteria for where it is actually safe to hunt at night and identification of those crown land areas in southern Manitoba) and the permitting process will be developed over the summer with input from Indigenous peoples and licensed hunters, including the MWF.

While many may see the legislation as not going far enough, the province said that they had to strike a balance which would be able to stand up in court.  All total province wide ban would not stand up in court according to the province.The other part of Bill 29 enables the province to establish “shared management committees”, which will provide opportunities licensed hunters and Indigenous peoples to have a greater role in wildlife management.

To read Bill 29 in its entirety, please see the pdf document right here:

For more information on Bill 29, see Manitoba Sustainable Development’s Q&A document that was handed out at the legislature yesterday:

To read the Manitoba Wildlife Federation Press release in response to this new legislation please click here.

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